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Macron and Trump Fight It Out Over Taxes

Macron and Trump Fight It Out Over Taxes

Emmanuel Macron and Mr. Donald Trump are fighting it out in taxes this time. Recent reports revealed that Trump’s move of a certain number of taxes has costed Macron a decent amount of its digital money.

It was revealed today that Macron has put about 3% of digital tax on main tech companies such as Google, Amazon and Facebook. On the other hand, Mr. Donald Trump is also saying good riddance to crypto currency, as he feels and thinks its a fluss.

The essential problem is that the United States is calling the shots. They are levying new taxes and companies such as France are struggling.

Revelations reveal that this is a same loophole as adversity and courage. It’s about flight or flight. It is about never giving up. It is about never saying sorry and it’s about getting Real. However, all that you say applies only to your self Mr. Trump and putting someone in shackles is the worst mistake a man can make.

President Macron’s new move took place on Thursday, as Bruno Le Maire sent a clear message to France finance minister and levied a 3% tax on their revenue.

France is making its over very decisions.

Similarly, France’s finance minister revealed that they decide their very own tax rules. However, on the other hand, UK released its very own draft proposal for increasing digital services tax by 2%.

If we put things straight, we can surely say that Europe is flying over towards Japan and Japan is at a stand still at the moment, for China to cover up the loss from the United States of America. Other than that, Brexit seems relatively and slightly low but their moves show that they have finally got the courage to stand up for themselves.

It Is A UniLateral Approach

France has chosen to go for a uni lateral approach. They think that the digital tax will back fire. The cause, they say, will effect consumers and smaller businesses. However, the truth is that these mini sharks are playing with the biggest shark. France has no other option to put taxes on its economy for the companies established there, whereas Apple has no other choice to break free from this momentum and choose to slip ahead. Lastly, the laughing stock is the United States of America, because in sattire, you idiot, trade is two way; if you are making economies suffer, if you are stopping their food, comedy, fun, happiness and tears, it sure as hell seems that ¬†America’s days are Over.

Macron and Trump: Aay Store

However, the end result is that because of one party, there is so much cohesive and collective damage that everybody goes in a state of a loss. Every cycle of give and take changes and then ultimately, the consumer suffers, for an increase in price will cause a decrease in demand. And even if some demand of it is fulfilled, there will be greater losses because the taxes will already be there.

There by, to conclude:

It is a never ending chain, it seems, but only for the ones who are playing it. Ideally, leave the gains, leave it for collective goods and let people talk and come to you. That is a fair trade and an agreement.

Essentially, this is Trump at work and his hope is that everything is there and he has time to choose and decide. But no and though because if you are starting fire, you have to ignite it other wise it will come to you and nobody will be able to hide it.

Stay tuned.

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